Who ?


1. The artists from "Singing Palestine": 

We are musicians and moviemakers from several countries,
and we have the common desire to share the beauty of the Palestinian music.

  • Music:
AIRLOCK - Spain : www.myspace.com/airlocksound
 AWSA BELGIQUE - Belgium: www.awsa.be
CANTERIA - Belgium: www.myspace.com/canteriabxl
QUENTIN DUJARDIN - Belgium: www.quentindujardin.be
CONSTANZA GUZMAN - Belgium, Chile: www.myspace.com/constanzaguzman
MANUEL HERMIA - Belgium: www.manuel-hermia.com
JULIE JAROSZEWSKI - Belgium: www.myspace.com/canangelsswing
LA TROUPE D'EUSTACHE - Belgium: www.myspace.com/latroupedeustache
HUGHES MARECHAL - Belgium:www.myspace.com/hughesmarechal
RROSE LE TATOUE - Belgium: http://fr.myspace.com/rroseletatoue

BARBARA RUFIN - France: www.collectif-cil.be
PHILIPPE TASQUIN - Belgium: www.myspace.com/philippetasquin
FRANK WUYTS - Belgium: www.myspace.com/frankwuyts
NATACHA WUYTS - Belgium: www.myspace.com/wnatacha

  • Video clip (in collaboration with Zin tv):
SAMMY FRANSQUET - Belgium: www.zintv.org
RONNIE RAMIREZ - Belgium: www.zintv.org
JEAN-PHILIPPE MARTIN - France: www.zintv.org

  • Picture:
The picture of the olive trees is from the Belgian photographer PASCAL DUCOURANT

2. The team:

Our team is build on the same desire to highlight the beauty 
of traditional and modern Palestinian music.
Created in Belgium, Singing Palestine is an invitation to everybody
to sing Palestinian music.
We are:

Anthony, Emilio, Jérôme (guitarists, authors, composers),
Julie (singer, actress),
Philippe (pianist, composer, singer),  
Houria ,  
Zintv (www.zintv.org),  
Dialogue Nomade (www.dialoguenomade.com)

with the help of lots of friends (thanks !!!!):  

Ameer, Anne-Claire, Anne-Sophie, Awsa Belgium, Babou, Ben, Benjamin, Bilal,
Brigitte, Cécile, Constanza, Dina, François, Gabriel, Gregory, Hanadi, Hilda, Gia,
Jérôme, Liliane, Lubna, Mai, Maaika, Massa, Marissa, Marcel , Marianne, Mathieu,
Maxime, Mohammad, Mohammad, Murielle, Myriam, Nadia, Noura, Pascal, Pierre,
Pierrette, Philippe, Raed, Ria, Roland, Ronnie, Saliba, Samira, Véronique, Transnet,
Yara, Zahra, etc.